Sep 22, 2017


We have had a pine tree and an oak tree in the grassy area of our front yard for years.  I have wanted to cut down the pine tree for quite some time now.  The most recent conversation regarding this topic was in May when we had the landscaping updated.  The hubs laughed and used his famous line "when you get a job".  :)  Boy have I got quite the list going!!!

My reasons for wanting to take it down were I was concerned one of the LARGE dead branches would break off on someone's car or worse yet, someone's head.

Well fast forward three months and Hurricane Harvey came through our area.  Fortunately the only damage we had were the large branches that fell from the pine tree.  Right smack dab on top of the plants in the flower bed.  Perfect shot!

The good part was the plants were almost ready to be replaced...may have lasted another two or three weeks at the most.

Last Monday on my way back from CHH I saw one of our neighbors was having their pine tree cut down.  I didn't say anything.  The hubs comes home and sees the tree cutting service and asks me if I saw them.  He wanted to know how much they would charge to take ours down, remove the stump and trim our oak tree and the neighbors.  So off he goes.  :)

Needless to say, they were at our home on Wednesday and Thursday cutting down our tree.  Tiffani and her family were staying with us so the grandkids and I sat outside and watched it come down.  Well, mostly Ms. A and I.

Our tree was very tall and top heavy with lots and lots of dead branches.  The prettiest part of the tree was at the very top.

Many, many years ago we had a sprinkler system put in.  They had to cut the roots of the pine tree and for a while it was looking pretty bad.  The neighbors had bets on whether or not it was going to last.  We put in tree fertilizer spikes, lots of watering and it survived.

Ms. A and I found it quite fascinating to watch the tree come down.

It was incredible the precision of guiding the branches down without damaging the flower bed that was only two feet away.

One time the whole tree shook really hard as a piece of the trunk banged its way down.  He said he was holding on so tightly so he wouldn't fall.

The girls favorite part was watching the branches go through the chipper.  The smells were amazing.  You could tell the difference when the green needles made their way through.

The hubs had them trim the oak tree so the sun can come through for the grass to grow.  Needless to say the front of the house looks totally different.  The front yard looks way bigger than it did before.  All because a tree is gone.  As my neighbor across the street said "it's unbelievable how a stick (tree) is gone and the yard looks huge".

The stump has been removed and replaced with grass.  With all the rain we got on Monday you can hardly tell a tree is missing.

If you are in the area and are looking for someone to take down a tree let me know and I will give you their info.  Their prices were the best we have found.

Take care,



Sep 21, 2017

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The week after Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas the hubs had to make a road trip to Corpus Christi, TX to handle claims for work.  He is a commercial adjuster and you can imagine how many businesses incurred damage from Hurricane Harvey.


I went along to keep him company during the drive there and back.  I also assist by reading his emails and texts to him as he drives.  Helps him stay focused on the road.

Once we arrived in Corpus Christi I set up my "blogging space" in the lobby of the hotel.  As you can see it was really nice.

There was a full coffee and tea bar just feet away.

I was set up in a space similar to the one in the foreground.  It was so comfy.  I did a little people watching, too.  Later I told the hubs I could blog from anywhere in the world....hint hint.  He laughed.   Like he cares, right?  :)

The damage Harvey left behind was much different than the damage we had in the surrounding areas of Houston and the city of Houston.  While our damage was mostly flooding, theirs was downed trees and power lines, roofs missing and some buildings totally demolished.

They experienced a lot of power outages.  There were crews all over replacing poles and repairing downed lines.


This pic was taken one week after Hurricane Harvey passed through and all of the downed trees were dead.

The city of Refugio was hit pretty hard.

You can see some of the debris hanging from the power lines.

We saw HEB was serving hot meals in Refugio.  I wasn't able to snap a pic because I didn't see it until it was too late.


A funny story.  That evening the hubs was talking to one of his buddies Kurt and I was adding commentary in the background (not me!).  Kurt could hear someone talking in the background so he asked him "who's in your room?"  It was so funny.  The hubs usually goes alone so Kurt thought he had "someone" in his room.  We are still laughing about that.  :)

Sending you good vibes for a wonderful day.  You deserve it!